Non-Sensical Evidence
A message from Anonymous
Me again the person with knowledge of doctor who without knowing anything about doctor who. I have been having weird dreams that come true. In one of my dreams I was at a table with my friends. I saw a TARDIS that looked a bit different than normal. I went inside and found a watch like the master had. I thought nothing of it util now (to be cont.)

Answer in the next^~^

A message from Anonymous
(cont.) Where I live where are having our own little comic con. While I was browsing the site I saw they were having a prop from Doctor Who called Alt Con TARDIS. It is exactly the same as the one in my dreams. Also in the past dreams I have been having I have had more adventures with the doctor.

Adventures are fun^~^

Déjà vu on the other hand is creepy sometimes.

But maybe it’s not just déjà vu.

A message from Anonymous
Would you accept an offer to travel with the Doctor? And would you, honestly, feel safe?

YES YES YES YES YES YES not all the time probably not no

A message from Anonymous
Has anyone tried to ring the doctors number ?

Not that I know of

A message from Anonymous
(Person with the wonderful dreams) Yeah, I've been thinking about that dream ever since I had it. It's like I feel it was real...

Maybe it was.

Blog Update-

I have now added a title to the page.

I also changed the summary or whatever you call it, the information giver-away-er, thing.

There’s more update in there!

A message from fandomxlust
Every night i used to hear a clock in my coom ticking. Then one late night i was talking to a friend and was annoyed by the ticking the realised i dont have a clock. I tried to trace the source and it was coming from my closet. (Be continued)

Answer is two more down

A message from fandomxlust
(Continued from ticking) So my closet is cool it connects to every closet in the first floor. I used to play there but stopped ages ago. I definetly did not want to go in to find out where the ticking was coming from. (To be continued)

One more

A message from fandomxlust
(Last part of ticking) Ive never had much problems with my closet after that but it always felt like it was watching me. Now id find the door open and one day i saw it open right in front of me. (The end)

I hate to say this:
It sounds more like you’ve got a paranormal problem on your hands.

I’ve been faced with the paranormal all my life and this sounds like something that’s not really intending to do any harm. Rather it just sounds like it’s trying to spook you. Either that or it’s just a normal old spirit that just likes messing with people. It doesn’t spun malicious though.

A message from project-timelord
I love these blogs presenting evidence Thank you for what you do! I would send you all the odd things we've experienced, but there's so many! Thus this blog was created. If you're ever bored I'd love for you to read through it and see what you think!

Will do my friend^~^